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 Toronto, Canada.

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Vahan Kololian

— Born in Cairo Egypt, 1953
— Immigrated to Canada with his family at age 9 in 1962
— Trained as a lawyer in Canada and a member of the Law Society
— Career in Investment Banking and Private Equity Investments
— Managing Partner of Private Equity firm, TerraNova Partners 2002-current day;
— Founder and Chair of several not for profit organizations, in Canada and Armenia.
They include:
— Mosaic Institute www.mosaicinsitutute.ca
— Depopulation Crisis of Armenia www.depop.am
— Gyumri Project Hope www.gyumriprojecthope.org
— Founding Co-Chairman of the DEPOP Institute For Governance

Paris, France

+33 607 565 099



Robert Haroutiun Aydabirian

1944: born in France from parents having survived the genocide in Kharpert

1965: founded in Lyon the European Union of Armenian Students

1969: graduated as Atomic Engineer and joined Hewlett-Packard Co held European GM positions in
Geneva (HQ), Grenoble (Manufacturing) and Paris (Sales/Service)

1984-1987: won genocide recognition battles at UN and EuroParliament

1988-1999: was active in helping Armenian leadership, special MOD to then PM Vazken Sarksyan, to overcome country’s majors crisis.

1998-2008: as Executive Chairman, lead the recovery of Osiatis, a French IT services company, which grew from 600 to 3600 engineers.

2010-2016: financed, built, staffed and equipped Yeznig Mozian Vocational School in Chouchi, together with Artsakh PM, Araik Harutyunyan.

2016: Founder the DEPOP Institute For Governance with Vahan Kololian, Sarkis Shahinian and Kamo Mailyan and Co-Chairman.

Bern, Switzerland.

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+374 98 223 338 (AM)


Sarkis Shahinian

Born in 1964 in Lugano (Switzerland). Diplom in Architecture (ETH Zurich) in 1993 with emphasis on Preservation of historical monuments and History of urbanism. Works at the Swiss Ministry of Public Health as technical translator. Founding Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Armenia. Honorary President of the Switzerland-Armenia Association (SAA), Founder Secretary General of the Parliamentary Group Switzerland-Armenia (PGArm) at the Swiss Parliament. As such, he lead 4 visits of Swiss Parliamentarians to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Organized and inspired various public awareness campaigns, conferences, documentaries (among others: Armenia, Open Wound, directed by Werner Weick, Swiss State Television), and thematic hearings in the Swiss Parliament on Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Cofounder, together with Robert Aydabirian (Paris) of the «Armenian Observatory». For his contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Swiss National Council in 2003 and his efforts to oppose genocide denial, he was honored with the Presidential Award by President Sargsyan in 2010 and with the Golden medal of the Armenian National Assembly in May 2016. Among his most effective contributions, it has to be mentioned the organization of an interparliamentary delegation addressing in 2006, in Paris, the UNESCO General Director Koïchiro Maatsura about the destruction of the Armenian Cross-Stones (Khatchkars) in Djougha (Nakhitchevan) by the Azerbaijani army. In 2005 he organized, together with Harut Sassounian (journalist, USA), a legal campaign against Time Europe after the magazine had published a denialist add funded by the Turkish Government, gaining, as right to answer, tthe spreading by the same souce of more than half a million copies of the documentary Le génocide arménien (Laurence Jourdan). In 2016 he became Founding Executive Director of the DEPOP Institute For Governance.

Toronto, Canada.

+1 647 864 4845


Kamo Mailyan

1983: Born in Armenia’s Tavush region.
1996-2000: Studied at School #1 of Physics and Mathematics after A. Shahinyan adjacent to Yerevan’s State University.
2000-2005: Studied public administration at Russian-Armenian Slavic University of Yerevan.
2010-2011: Studied political studies and human rights at the School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe.
2010: Co-founded sales offices for German’s Bredent Medical company in Armenia and Georgia, for which received an award by the government of Georgia (“Medal for Outstanding Achievement”).
2012: Emigrated and settled in Canada with his wife and daughter.
2013-2015: Studied marketing at York University of Toronto, Canada.
Since 2012 is assisting Canadian writer Wendy Elliott to write a book about missionary life in Ottoman Empire and Armenian Genocide, which is set to be published with newly uncovered facts in 2017 (https://auroraprize.com/en/stories/detail/regular/7072/susan-wealthy-orvis).
Since 2013 is involved in several projects aimed at positive change in Armenia initiated by the Kololian Foundation of Toronto, Canada, some of which are the DEPOP research work on emigration from Armenia (www.depop.am), Gyumri Project Hope for positive change in Gyumri (www.gyumriprojecthope.org), and in 2016 Kamo joined the DEPOP Institute For Governance as Founding Deputy Executive Director.