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“April is my future”


The goal of these four PSAs is to influence the behavioral pattern of the general electoral public in the election process during the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Armenia in April 2017. The PSAs will feature, among other things, celebrities that will try to encourage people to change their bad habits that form during the election process, such as not participating in the elections or taking electoral bribes.

The PSAs will deliver several of the following key messages:

  1. Every vote matters, every vote can make a change; voting is an essential way for each citizen to show that they care for the future of his/ her homeland.
  2. Taking electoral bribes and selling voices is a moral crime, that shall not be committed against people’s and their children’s future.
  3. Armenian people should not lose hope of having a brighter future, and shall have their important participation in building of a democratic and prosperous country as its citizens.
  4. Armenians cannot afford to be indifferent to the political processes taking place in the country.

Dynamic editing, inspiring rhythmic music will motivate to action, while graphical and visual effects will reinforce the impact of the messages delivered.

The spreading of the PSA’s will be granted through the social media. The DEPOP Institute For Governance will ask the media to broadcast the four clips during their emissions. Similarly, all political alliances and parties taking part in the ongoing electoral competition will be invited to dedicate a part of their time, at their disposal, to broadcast the four clips during the electoral campaign on the official TV’s.

Feel free to share, download and spread the videos.

High quality video files here: